Some of my clients were generous (and courageous) enough to allow me to publish the testimonials of their journey during the REVIVE program. When they came, they were all desperate for a solution, not knowing what to expect and feeling quite down. They are now very proud of their achievements. Their commitment to the program was amazing and they achieved what they wanted – a heathy body and a heathy mind. Nothing can beat them now. Thank you, to all of you.

Paula Harris

From the very first session, I felt very welcome by Maria. It was funny and relaxing. Finding out my beliefs around food it was quite surprising. I felt motivated to follow the program and it didn’t seem too difficult. But I confess I was sceptical. I came home and started listen to the Guided Imagery. My thoughts would distract me, but I was committed to do it. I was pre-diabetic and the doctor told me I needed to change my habits. It was very relaxing, and I felt more convinced that relaxing my body and mind was the best I could do for myself.

The other sessions were pleasant, and I started noticing I was not craving food as much. I also started noticing how food really tastes. Some food I was always craving for just didn’t seem to have great appeal now.

And I was enjoying soups, and vegetables and meet. Replacing cream by yogurt for example. And the best? I stopped drink Coke and other unhealthy drinks – I enjoy my water and herbal teas (for the first time in my life|). It was so gradual; I didn’t even realize what was going on.

My measures started to change. On my belly specially. I felt so good when I noticed my clothes starting to get lose. I did not buy any new ones because I’ve been here before – losing a couple of pounds and then gaining again. But 2 moth pass and I needed to buy some new clothes. It was amazing – 2 sizes down.

At the end of the program, I was 3 sizes down. I started to move my body regularly – first with my dog and then I joint a group of ladies who walk around Stroud, twice a week. In the beginning with my dog, it was difficult. He is a big fellow and I felt breathless. But after a week, it started to be more fun. Now I can have a good laugh with my new friend, exercise and come home for a delicious meal that I know is only making me good.

I love it, love it, love it.

My diabetes seems to be under control. The doctor told me he is proud of me.

It is about mindset, change habits and enjoy yourself. Try. You are going to love it.


Stacy Anderson

Hypnotherapy has been a game-changer for me when it comes to weight loss. For years, I struggled with weight gain and constantly yo-yoed between diets and exercise routines. I found myself always falling back into my old habits and struggling to stay motivated.

After a lot of research, I stumbled upon Maria’s program and decided to give it a shot. I felt it was a program that would be with me for 9 weeks, and that make me feel more comfortable. It was not just a quick fix; it was a serious and supporting program.

I went in with an open mind, not knowing what to expect, but I left feeling amazed at how my mindset had shifted.

During the sessions, Maria helped me to explore underlying issues that caused me to overeat. We worked on understanding my mind to make healthier choices, and I found myself becoming more mindful about what I eat. It is all in our mind.

Unlike other weight loss methods, hypnotherapy helped me to address the root cause of my unhealthy habits, rather than just treating the symptoms.

Overall, I have lost a considerable amount of weight since starting hypnotherapy, and I have been able to maintain a healthier lifestyle. But more important is that I don’t feel depressed. I quite like myself and I am more confident.

I would highly recommend hypnotherapy to anyone who’s looking for a natural and long-lasting solution to weight loss.


Richard Sanderman

“I had been struggling to lose weight for years and had tried every diet and exercise plan possible without success. I like food. In my family, eating together was always a moment of fun and joy.

Then, a friend told me about Maria’s program because she has lost 33 Ib. I decided to give it a try. I was sceptical at first, because I thought I needed to stop eating all the things I most like, and that did not work for me before, but I was willing to do anything to shed those extra pounds.

After just a few sessions with Maria, I noticed significant changes in my eating habits and thought patterns. My cravings for unhealthy foods diminished, because I was thinking about what I was eating. I found myself making healthier choices without even thinking about it. My motivation to exercise also increased, and I began moving my body more. I am cooking now. I cook for me and for my family – and they enjoy it.

In just a few months, I had lost 44 lb, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. REVIVE -Hypnotherapy for weight loss (made me re-vive, that’s for sure). not only helped me shed the pounds but also helped me develop a healthier lifestyle that I can maintain long-term.

I would highly recommend it to anyone struggling with their weight. It is much easier than what I thought at the beginning”


Alex Horton

This was not for me. I thought I couldn’t be hypnotized because I was once in a show, and nothing happened really. I was just laughing on that stage.

But I was struggling. The doctor warned me – or I change, or I will have serious problems. Diabetes uncontrollable, gallbladder stones and thyroid problems. I tried to eat less, and I lost weight, but then I got distracted and back to zero.

Maria is a relative of a friend of mine. We met at my friend’s birthday party and after a chat with Maria I decided to give it a go.

It went well. It was simple and relaxing. I don’t know if I was hypnotized during the sessions and when I was listening to the audios. It seems just relaxing, and calm. I started to sleep better. I could imagine in my mind what Maria was telling me, and I felt the suggestions were good.

Anyway, I just stop buying take-aways because the food did not taste that good. Then, when I was able to breath more easily, I started to go to the gym. I did not like the intense workouts with loud music. So, I change to Pilates. In the beginning was really difficult. Everybody was thinned than me. But they are a group of nice people and were incredibly supportive. And gradually I noticed I could move myself better. YES!

I now prepare food at the weekends, and I froze it. During the week I eat food made by me, in my kitchen. I know what I am eating – food, not rubbish. I started intermittent fasting (I couldn’t imagine it would be this easy). I generally scape breakfast – I eat freely for 10 hours and I fast for 14 hours (from 8 pm to 10 am next morning). I also give myself a break on Sundays – I eat a sweet desert and bread on Sundays as a treat.

I am very happy with myself and the long way I came. I don’t know how much I weight now – Maria told me it is not about weight; it is about size and health. I don’t really like take-ways anymore. And I can move myself without feeling breathless. I am still diabetic – but for the last 6 moths the glucose levels have been ok. I stopped medication 2 months ago. I had a surgery for the gallbladder stones. It went well, because I had already lost weight at the time.

I recommend Maria and the FINE program to all my friends and colleges who want lose weight. It was just the best thing I did in my life.


Maria da Silva is an international Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist specialized in weight and emotional balance.

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